AP4 Group Acquires Hughes Technical Services

Lakeland, FL, August 17, 2022 – Today AP4 Group (“AP4”) announced its recent acquisition of Hughes Technical Services (“HTS”), a leading independent provider of maintenance solutions for the Alstom™ family of industrial gas turbines and power generation equipment. HTS, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of AP4, will continue to be led and operated by its founder, Gary Hughes. The combination will serve to complement AP4’s existing heavy-duty industrial gas & steam turbine solution-oriented platforms.

“We are pleased to welcome Gary Hughes and the HTS team to the family of AP4 Group companies,” said Greg Young, President & CEO of AP4 Group. “Gary has built an impressive business with a group of very talented field engineers specializing on the worldwide Alstom™ fleet.”

“With increasing demand for independent solutions in the Alstom™ fleet, I am thrilled to be partnering with AP4 to support our next phase of growth,” said Gary Hughes, founder of HTS. “More and more we are serving as lead and providing more comprehensive solutions to our customers, including parts and repairs, in addition to our flagship control system and mechanical field services – AP4 is the right partner to support strategic initiatives and capital requirements in the years to come.”

About AP4 Group
AP4 Group is a leading provider of critical power plant & turbomachinery maintenance services to a global customer base – through its solution-centric operating divisions, AP4 provides 1) parts, replacement components and consumables, 2) automation, instrumentation, control system, excitation, electrical and mechanical field services, 3) component repair, and 4) custom-engineered plant solutions. About Hughes Technical Services
HTS, along with its subsidiaries HTS Latam LLC and HTS-Brazil, are the premier independent Alstom™ gas turbine & ABB™ controls, electrical systems maintenance solutions provider. HTS provides commissioning, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting support for the GT8, GT11, GT13, GT24 and GT26 gas and steam turbines. For nearly 10 years, HTS has been providing comprehensive Alstom™ field services and parts solutions complemented with ABB™ P13, P14, Decontic, Advant, SFC (LCI) and AVR parts and engineering services.

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