AP4 Group Acquires GTC Control Solutions

Lakeland, FL, August 15, 2022 – Today AP4 Group (“AP4”) announced its recent acquisition of GTC Control Solutions, Inc. & subsidiaries (“GTC”). GTC, a leading supplier of control system replacement parts, component testing, and repair services, serves a large worldwide power generation and industrial automation customer base from its headquarters in Hawthorne, NY. In addition, GTC operates from its Industrial Control Care (“ICC”) facility in Dubai and GTC India facility in Bangalore. Now a subsidiary of AP4, GTC will continue to be led by its President, John SantaCroce. The combination will serve to complement AP4’s existing industrial gas turbine and related power generation equipment service platforms.

“We are pleased to welcome John SantaCroce, Jonathan Simms and the entire GTC worldwide team to the family of AP4 Group companies,” said Greg Young, President & CEO of AP4 Group. “GTC’s quality and innovation in control system solutions is unmatched, and we are thrilled to combine its capabilities with our field engineering team to support the combined global customer base.”

“The GTC team is proud to be part of the AP4 family. We are excited about the opportunity ahead to combine strengths and bring more value to the market,” said John SantaCroce, President of GTC.

“Michael Zinman and I are extremely proud of the worldwide leader GTC has become since it was a tiny startup 20 years ago,” said Peter Zinman, co-founder and outgoing CEO of GTC. Our vision back in 2001 was to create a credible, alternative control system parts and support option to thousands of turbine operators around the world who, at that point, were beholden to the turbine OEMs and their upgrade schedules and discontinued support of their own control systems. It is due to the excellence of our employees around the world that we were able to realize that vision and become the premier independent brand in our industry. We cannot think of a better partner than AP4 to guide GTC’s continued growth within its current markets and expand into new ones over the next two decades and beyond. We’re confident AP4 will enhance the value-added services that GTC has always brought to its customers.”

About AP4 Group
AP4 Group is a leading provider of critical power plant & turbomachinery maintenance services to a global customer base – through its solution-centric operating divisions, AP4 provides 1) parts, replacement components and consumables, 2) automation, instrumentation, control system, excitation, electrical and mechanical field services, 3) component repair, and 4) custom-engineered plant solutions. About GTC Control Solutions
GTC Control Solutions is a leading provider of critical support services to a global customer base of operators of numerous makes and models of power plant and industrial control systems. Through its multiple regional service centers and worldwide sales force, GTC provides 1) comprehensive replacement parts, 2) regional component repair, 3) functional testing and certification of spares, 4) field services, including system health checks, system upgrades, HMI replacement and firmware backups, 5) operator training, and 6) asset recovery solutions.

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