AP4 Announces Strategic Investment in Cybersecurity

Lakeland, FL, August -18, 2022 – Today AP4 Group (“AP4”) announced that it recently completed a strategic investment in disruptive encryption technology, forging a partnership with the inventors at Kara Partners and Encrypted Grid (“EG”) to bring novel cybersecurity solutions to the power, energy, and aerospace sectors. The patented encryption technique provides both information technology (IT) & operating technology (OT) protections which are vital to ensuring national security of the U.S. power grid and other critical infrastructure vulnerable to attack from rogue actors, groups and nation states.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Bryan Kane and Brian Penny, the inventors of this patented technology,” said Greg Young, President & CEO of AP4 Group. “What Kara Partners and Encrypted Grid have been able to achieve with its launch customer, one of the largest power generation, transmission, and distribution utilities in the U.S.A., is impressive. The system’s encryption level (10512 combinations) and speed (<0.1 milliseconds latency) are game changing and ideally suited for the power grid’s protective relay GOOSE network data communications. We look forward to introducing these cybersecurity solutions to our broad base of power grid and energy customers.”

Bryan Kane and Brian Penny, the founders of Kara Partners and inventors of this patented technology, stated “We are beyond excited to be working with AP4 to help secure our nation’s power grid. Regardless of the type and depth of their existing cybersecurity protections, AP4’s broad base of power generation customers will find our approach unique and additive, serving to virtually eliminate the risk of man-in-the-middle cyber- intrusion.”

About AP4 Group
AP4 Group is a leading provider of critical power plant & turbomachinery maintenance services to a global customer base – through its solution-centric operating divisions, AP4 provides 1) parts, replacement components and consumables, 2) automation, instrumentation, control system, excitation, electrical and mechanical field services, 3) component repair, and 4) custom-engineered plant solutions. About Encrypted Grid
Encrypted Grid provides a hardware-based cybersecurity solution that secures data in motion for any ethernet-compatible (TCP/IP, Goose networking etc.) device. EG’s standalone hardware fully encrypts network digital data in less than 0.07 milliseconds with 10512 possible combinations. EG’s encryption hardware solution can be installed in-line with currently connected devices to secure all legacy and future IT and OT control systems commonly utilized throughout the electrical grid’s infrastructure, About Kara Partners
Kara Partners is a technology company that has invented and patented novel encryption and cybersecurity solutions for the power generation, energy, aerospace, defense, financial technology and a myriad of additional industries.

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