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March 5, 2019, Aviation, Power & Marine, LLC (AP+M), and Total Engine Solutions (TES) announce the signing of an agreement for the creation of a Brazilian company called Avantech Solutions. The company’s objective is to offer the Brazilian gas turbine industry parts and maintenance service solutions for LM2500, LM6000, Frame 7 and other industrial gas turbine engines.

The company, a 50/50 joint venture between AP+M and TES, will have its headquarters located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through this partnership, AP+M and TES expect to provide the Brazilian gas turbine market with comprehensive turbine maintenance services, including genuine OEM parts and component repair services with fast delivery and competitive pricing.

“Avantech Solutions will be a more reliable and agile solution for the Brazilian market,” said Bruno Ceppas, one of Avantech’s Executive Directors. With the introduction of Avantech Solutions, AP+M and TES will provide comprehensive in-country gas turbine parts and maintenance services tailored to Brazilian customer needs.”

“From now on, the Brazilian clients will have top-tier services from the professionals that have been a reference for decades in leading corporations for quality parts and services at competitive prices. Customers can be assured that they have access to all necessary genuine parts and consumables to execute the jobs,” said Andre Silva from TES.

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