Why Aviation Power & Marine?

Since 1990, Aviation Power and Marine has been one of the world’s largest independent stocking distributors of Aeroderivative and Industrial Gas Turbine engine parts for the marine propulsion and power generation industries. As the business continues to grow and change, Aviation Power & Marine has evolved to meet the needs of its consumers.

Aeroderivative and Industrial Gas Turbine engines are complex feats of modern engineering that require the utmost in performance and design to achieve maximum potential in the field. Our exclusive partnerships with Advanced Atomization Technologies™ (AA Tech™) and Parker™-Hannifin, for all General Electric™ Land and Marine series after market engine parts, gives us an edge over our competitors.  Our massive inventory of quality parts, exceptional repair services and expert technical support allows us to work directly with your company to optimize the machines you run, with the components you need, from the most reliable after market manufacturers in the business.

Whether these machines are supplying millions of homes across the country with power, or providing support to our men and women in the armed services, dependence on their ability to work is paramount. At Aviation Power & Marine, we understand that timely service is key in the power generation and marine industry. That’s why we provide these high quality, competitively priced parts twenty four hours a day—seven days a week—three hundred and sixty five days a year. By utilizing our global network of warehouses, we can make sure your equipment is up and running again, with minimal down time, so you can continue to provide your communities with the energy and stability they need.

Our twenty five years of experience in the marketplace proves that Aviation Power & Marine is durable and efficient, much like the products we supply for our customers. We believe in providing the best services and the best parts to help your business leverage the most out of your Aeroderivative and Industrial Gas Turbine engines.