POWER-GEN International or Bust!

disney-worldWe’ve just launched a successful new brand. What are we going to do next?

We’re going to Disney World!

Next week our team will be traveling to the home of Mickey Mouse, for POWER-GEN International, held December 13 – 15.

From GE™ to Siemens™, anybody who is anybody in the power generation industry will be at this conference. So why is it so important you know AP+M will be there and why should you even stop by?

We know your industrial gas turbine parts are a necessary purchase, no matter who you buy them through. But what if you didn’t just have a “parts provider,” but rather, you had a reliable “partner”?

The purpose of our rebrand is to showcase that we are more than just a parts provider. We support our industrial gas turbine operators and our OEM alliances through our consistent and reliable support and delivery of genuine, high-quality parts, wherever + whenever.

apm-power-genPOWER-GEN International is your first chance to experience what our refreshed brand means for you. You can visit us during POWER-GEN International at booth #2822.

Pssst: Need another reason to stop by our booth? In conjunction with our wherever + whenever campaign, we are giving away a GoPro camera!

See you there!