AP4 Group – Full-Service Heavy-Duty & Aeroderivative Industrial Gas Turbine Maintenance Provider.

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Your Reliable Worldwide Distributor for Gas Turbine Spare Parts

AP+M - A Division of AP4 Group stocks an expansive inventory of aeroderivative gas turbine parts for GE™ Heavy-Duty engines.

Our global network enables us to meet your turbine component needs on time - every time.

GE Heavy-Duty Parts

  • Lockplates
  • Transition Piece Supports
  • Retainers, Air, & End Seals
  • Studs, Bolts, Nuts & Washers, Crossfire Tubes, & Shims
  • Inserts & Helicoils, Lock Wires, Dowel Pins & Retention Keys
  • Gaskets, Cloth & Rope Seals, Tube Connectors & Unions, & Expansion Joints


AP+M stocks an expansive inventory of aeroderivative parts for GE™ and Pratt & Whitney engines through our reliable partnerships around the world. This enables AP+M to meet your aeroderivative turbine component needs on time—every time.

AP+M is able to meet your need for heavy-duty gas turbine parts wherever + whenever by combining our extensive, in-stock GE™ and Siemens™ turbine parts inventory with fast access to reliable, global sourcing partners.

The fully-stocked conex includes the following heavy-duty consumable parts, which can be completely customized to your site’s needs. A workstation is included with a computer with software and a barcode scanner that locates parts needed and the quantity used.


Global Reliability

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Integrated Solutions

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Quality Controlled Parts

AP+M maintains stringent quality control systems in place. Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 Certification
    • Quality Management
  • AS9100 Certification
    • Aerospace and Defense