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LCI Digital Front End Retrofits

While performing annual maintenance can keep your Original LCI operating reliably, the OEM has discontinued manufacturing the LCI Control Components, resulting in a high-risk single point of failure. Unless you have a complete set of spare components, upgrading to the latest technology and available components may make sense for your plant.

TC&E - A Division of AP4 Group and TMEIC™ have partnered to offer a Digital Front End (DFE) upgrade that is more cost effective than the OEM’s and offers a more user-friendly result. TMEIC™ and GE™ were partnered in a Joint Venture and Co-developed the LCI Controls. TMEIC™ has upgraded more than 130 of these LCI control systems and has a proven track record of success.

Legacy LCI drives have provided reliable service for almost 25 years. To keep that record intact, TMEIC™ has developed a control upgrade for Legacy Gas Turbine Static Starter Systems, while preserving the existing power conversion hardware. In addition to extending the product life, this modernization program provides significant functional enhancements plus a system condition and capability assessment of your static starter system.

Benefits of a TMEIC™ Digital Front End Upgrade

  • Reduced number of circuit boards
  • Color touch-screen Operator panel in control compartment door
  • Extensive diagnostics and self-test capability
  • External control interface through TMEIC™ TMdrive-Navigator Software
  • Voltage Feedback offset nulling is eliminated

The TC&E/TMEIC™ LCI Assessment and Modernization Program provides drive system investment protection through well documented engineering procedures for assessment and preventive maintenance of switchgear, magnetics, controls, and power converters. Complete project management equals peace of mind.

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