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12 March 2020

Aviation, Power & Marine, LLC (AP+M) continues to monitor the evolving Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic throughout our worldwide locations.  We are taking every possible precaution in order to protect our employees while continuing our commitment to you, our valued customer, with the delivery and support of aeroderivative parts and MRO services on a continuing basis.

AP+M presently does not anticipate any material impact on our business obligations due to the contingencies we have in place, including activating alternative workplace and remote operations, as necessary.  We will be carrying on with our usual work with appropriate precautions in place until otherwise required.

As always, our team is available by emailing css@stageapm4parts.wpengine.com, or by calling our regional sales offices: 

Asia Pacific Region:                                      Paramjit Singh +61. 481.955.220

Europe, Middle East & Africa:                     Andy Stewart    +44. 7508. 025636

 USA:                                                               Craig Sonnenberg  +1. 561. 523. 8036

                                                                          Jerrod Walters          +1. 561. 346. 7951

                                                                          Customer Service    +1. 561. 732. 6000 

We remain steadfastly committed to our customers and will meet our commitments in light of the current situation.

Should the need arise, we will activate mitigation plans together with our customers to minimize or avoid impact receiving our parts or services.

Please look for further updates on our website.

Laura Tabone

Vice President Operations


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