AP4 Group – Full-Service Heavy-Duty & Aeroderivative Industrial Gas Turbine Maintenance Provider.

From humble beginnings, AP4 Group has become a leading provider of critical power plant maintenance services. Through its solution-centric operating divisions, AP4 provides parts distribution, component repair, and field maintenance services for operators of heavy-frame and aeroderivative industrial gas & steam turbines. Field maintenance services include instrumentation & controls maintenance, control system upgrades, and electrical & mechanical field services.  Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, AP4 serves a broad base of power generation and mechanical drive customers around the globe.

  • Feb, 1990

    Our Legacy Begins

    AP+M is Incorporated

  • Mar, 2005

    OEM Alliances Begin

    AP+M initiates exclusive alliance with Parker

  • Oct, 2010

    Alliances Strengthen

    AP+M renews Parker OEM Alliance

  • Mar, 2014

    OEM Distribution is Growing

    AP+M forms alliance with Advanced Atomization Technologies

  • Nov, 2014

    Global Reach Begins to Expand

    AP+M expands globally by opening Asia Pacific Office (APAC)

  • Jan, 2015

    Global Expansion Continues

    AP+M continues to grow by opening EMEA office

  • Apr, 2015

    Services Offerings Begine to Grow

    AP+M adds repair and overhaul and harness manufacturing at the US East Coast Headquarters

  • Apr, 2015

    More OEM Alliances Added

    AP+M forms alliance with Triumph Engine Controls

  • Apr, 2015

    Additional OEM's Added

    AP+M forms alliance with Honeywell

  • Aug, 2016

    Additional OEM's Added

    AP+M forms alliance with Ametek Power Instruments

  • Jan, 2017

    Growth Expansion

    Cloud purchase was Jan 2017

  • Sep, 2018

    OEM Alliance Leadership

    AP+M forms alliance with Meggitt

  • Nov, 2018

    Growth Expansion in South America

    AP+M forms Brazilian entity, Avantech

  • Nov, 2018

    OEM Alliances Increase

    AP+M forms alliance with Turbotect

  • Jan, 2021

    AP+M Expands to Offer Field Services

    AP+M acquires Aero Controls & DLE Consultants LLC (USA division) to offer aeroderivative field services.

  • Jan, 2021

    AP+M acquires Turbine Controls & Excitation Group (TC&E) to expand heavy-frame field services offerings

  • Dec, 2021


    AP4 Group serves as the parent company for AP+M - a Division of AP4 Group, TC&E - A Division of AP4 Group, AP4 Power Services - A Division of AP4 Group, and Maine Automation - A Division of AP4 Group.

  • AP4 Group acquires Maine Automation

    Maine Automation (“Maine”) is a leading independent provider of critical electrical and instrumentation & control (“I&C”) services to a myriad of industries, including power generation, pulp & paper, semiconductor and general industrial markets.